Complications of Bony Procedures for Shoulder Instability

  • Ion-Andrei Popescu
  • David Haeni


With a contemporary increase in the number of surgical options for treating shoulder instability, in any of its forms, the surgeons’ tasks are becoming more complex than ever. Knowing that more than 50% of patients with gleno-humeral instability will undergo surgical treatment and that little consensus exists on the ideal or optimal operative technique, the surgeon has to individualize the treatment for each patient. Shoulder instability involves from 1 to 5 common lesions (capsular, capsulo-labral, glenoid bone loss, humeral bone loss, rotator cuff degloving). It can be acute or chronic, repetitive or occur as unique episode; chronic subluxation with a painful shoulder is also an issue. Treatment indication may be different for contact athletes, other than for weekend warriors or noncontact athletes. The American Shoulder and Elbow Society (ASES) and the German Society for Arthroscopy and Joint Surgery (AGA) are currently working on formal clinical practice guidelines for shoulder instability. However, to date, due to the lack of official consensus, the shoulder surgeon has to establish the ideal treatment based upon a combination of surgical experience and peer-reviewed literature.


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