• Stefano Gialanella
  • Alessio Malandruccolo
Part of the Topics in Mining, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering book series (TMMME)


Although steel density can be regarded as a limit to aerospace applications of these alloys, they have always been used in this field, for both structural and engine components. In fact, although the introduction and development of light alloys and polymer matrix composites, as well as high-temperature materials like Co-, Fe-, and Ni-based superalloys, had consequences on the percentage of steel employed in aircraft structures; still, for some components, steels continue to be the best choice. This chapter is dedicated to these alloys, as concerns their metallurgy, processing, and relevant properties. Some of the processes are actually the same used for other alloys, like titanium alloys and superalloys. The chapter contains also a detailed description of selected families of steels of interest for specific aerospace applications. Their performance requirements and relevant steel grade used to meet them are also provided.


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