EHR Model for India: To Address Challenges in Quality Healthcare

  • Prashant KanadeEmail author
  • Divya Bhatnagar
  • Arun Kumar
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Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 3)


In this paper there is a discussion on providing a standard system for health care service providers and patients. We have carried out the detailed study of guidelines provided by ministry of health and family welfare to adopt the electronic health record system. The major aim is to eliminate the conventional health record system. The major focus in this research is to propose the interoperable electronic health Record system (IEHR), and test the feasibility and acceptance of the EHR. Further there is a scope to promote the services in select locations such as hospitals and primary health centers. Medical centers can store patient’s health information with minimal efforts. This paper is an overview of how Electronic Health Record (EHR) standards can be adopted by various organizations. EHR systems implementation scope is very well discussed. In this there is a short description of such standards.


Electronic Health Record Patient EHR standards SNOMEDCT ICD10 HL7 Health care 


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