Health Care Using Machine Learning-Aspects

  • K. Koteswara Rao
  • A. Sudhir Babu
  • K. Vijaya Kumar
  • M. Sai TejaswiniEmail author
  • S. K. Saira BhanuEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 3)


In this IT world people are working day and night in jobs and busy life, people are using gadgets, smartphones, Due this hectic schedules people are getting so many health issues These days, vast measure of information is accessible all over the place. Hence, it is essential to break down this information so as to separate some helpful data and to build up a calculation dependent on this examination. This can be accomplished through information mining and machine learning and it is a vital piece of man-made brainpower, which is utilized to plan calculations dependent on the information patterns and authentic connections between information. Machine learning is utilized in different fields, for example, bioinformatics, interruption location, Information recovery, amusement playing, showcasing, malware discovery, picture DE convolution, etc. This paper explains how machine Learning applicable in health care issues with different application territories.


Machine learning Algorithm Health care 


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