Load Balancing in Cloud Through Multi Objective Optimization

  • S. JyothsnaEmail author
  • K. Radhika
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Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 3)


The Scheduling and Load balancing in cloud is considered as NP complete problem where the tasks are assigned to the cloud are dynamic in nature so the heuristic approach can be followed to find the solution. Load balancing directly affects the reliability, response time, through put and energy efficiency of a server. The optimized solution for load balancing should consider various objectives like minimizing energy consumption and minimum execution time so that reduced cost. Balancing the load across cloud servers is possible through virtual machine (VM) migration from overloaded servers to under loaded servers conditionally. Even migration of VMs from under loaded servers may take place in cloud to release the under loaded servers and make them free so that the energy consumption can be improved.


Load balancing VM allocation Multi objective optimization Resource utilization Energy consumption etc. 


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