Assessment of ECG Signal Quality

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  • P. Chetankumar
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Background: Standard clinical parameter for monitoring and diagnosis of cardiovascular function is the electrocardiogram (ECG). It is an electrical activity of a heart generated by the cardiac muscle, measured using lead configuration placed on the body. Objective: Main objective is to design and validate the ECG signal acquisition module and its signal quality. Method: A simple 3-lead ECG acquisition module is created using Instrumentation amplifier and filter circuit. A different method like Template matching-Pearson Correlation, Skewness, Kurtosis, Statistical Test, Comparison of Error Bar, and Machine signal quality classifier is proposed to assess its signal quality. Result: In this paper, we have given the information about the statistical and machine learning method to estimate ECG signal quality acquired from the designed module. Conclusion: The result of the article concludes that the developed module produces a quality signal that can be used for clinical application.


Electrocardiogram ECG acquisition system Signal quality estimation Machine learning Instrumentation amplifier 


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