Unified Simulation Test Facility for Aerospace Vehicles

  • K. Rama RaoEmail author
  • B. ManguEmail author
  • Manchem Rama Prasanna
Conference paper
Part of the Learning and Analytics in Intelligent Systems book series (LAIS, volume 4)


Aerospace vehicle carries On-Board Control & Guidance (OBCG) software (s/w) resident on On-Board Mission Computer (OBMC). This OBCG s/w is validated on various simulation test-beds for various mission critical errors. Non Real Time Simulation (NRTS) test-bed is used to validate the s/w for implementation, functionality and performance. Robustness of Controller design is validated through Monte-Carlo Simulation (MCS). Hardware-In-Loop-Simulation (HILS) test-bed is used to validate OBCG s/w for functionality & performance in the presence of Real Time (RT) issues like communication delays, system lag, scheduling, interfacing, execution times & Hardware subsystems problems. Here, in this publication, a new concept of ‘Unified Simulation Test Facility for Aerospace Vehicles (USTFASV)’ is brought out, which facilitates Model Driven On-board Controller S/w Development (MDOBCSD), Non Real Time Simulation, Monte-Carlo Simulation with Test Automation (MCSTA), Real Time Full Simulation and Real Time Hardware-In-Loop-Simulation. This Test Facility unifies all the simulations on single platform.


Unified simulation Model driven Model source code Interface source code Common utility files NRTIS NRTDS MCS RTIFS RTDFS 



Authors are grateful to Dr. G. Sateesh Reddy, Chairman DRDO, Sri B.H.V.S.N. Murthy, Director RCI, G. Venkat Reddy, OS, Director, DNEC and Sri. Vijaya Sankar, Sc-‘G’ for their constant encouragement in carrying out this research work.

The authors are also thankful to Sri U. Raja Babu, Programme Director AD, Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao, PD (FV-Exo) and Sri R. Venkatrami Reddy, DPD (AD-Missions) for their useful suggestions in related areas.


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