Supraclavicular Right/Left First Rib Resection

  • Justin A. Sobrino
  • Pablo Aguayo
  • David JuangEmail author


This chapter describes the surgical procedure for supraclavicular right/left first rib resection. The text includes an introduction that outlines the indications, risks, alternatives, essential steps, and variations in technique for the procedure in question. This is followed by a template operative dictation, that provides the reader with an operative report, such as is found in a patient chart or electronic medical record. A description is provided of the following critical concepts for this procedure: resection of the anterior scalene and middle scalene muscles, division of fibrous constrictions in the operative field, removal of a cervical rib, removal of the first rib.


Pediatric surgery Operative dictation Thoracic outlet syndrome First rib Neurogenic pain Axillary vein compression Axillary artery compression 

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