Pericardial Diseases

  • Rolando Calderon-Rojas
  • Hartzell V. SchaffEmail author


The pericardium is an important structure, and there are many diseases that affect it. The accurate and timely diagnosis of these diseases is essential to avoid the late sequelae of pericardial constriction and cardiac cirrhosis. Echocardiography remains the first choice investigation for the assessment of patients with suspected pericardial diseases. However, computed tomography and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging are often utilized in complex cases. Isolated pericardiectomy for constriction or for effusive/chronic relapsing pericarditis can be performed safely with low morbidity and mortality. This chapter focuses on etiology, pathophysiology, and diagnosis of common pericardial diseases and discusses in detail the role of pericardiectomy for the treatment of constrictive pericarditis.


Constrictive pericarditis Pericardium Pericarditis Pericardiectomy Pericardial effusion 


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