Tricuspid Valve Surgery

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  • Volkmar Falk


Multiple entities affect the tricuspid leaflets, annulus, chordae and papillary muscles and can cause severe tricuspid regurgitation or stenosis in the initial absence of either pulmonary hypertension or right ventricular dysfunction. Over time, these entities can cause progressive right atrial, right ventricular, and annular dilatation, sometimes with atrial fibrillation. In developed countries the most common tricuspid pathology is regurgitation, while tricuspid stenosis is extremely rare. Tricuspid regurgitation is most often functional. The surgical treatment of isolated and concomitant tricuspid valve disease, especially functional tricuspid regurgitation, remains controversial. Functional tricuspid regurgitation may be classified into defined stages, and surgical treatment may be tailored to the extent of the disease. This chapter describes current surgical techniques for tricuspid valve surgery and their results.


Functional tricuspid regurgitation Transcatheter tricuspid valve therapy Tricuspid regurgitation Tricuspid valve Tricuspid valve repair 



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