Epistemological Decolonization of Theology

  • Enrique DusselEmail author
Part of the New Approaches to Religion and Power book series (NARP)


This chapter discusses the theoretical rupture originated with the epistemological turn in the realm of the sciences produced by Latin American and Latinx theories of decolonization, and its impact on theology. The Epistemological decolonization of Christianity requires the relocation of theological thinking moving its epicenter from imperial Christendom to the oppressed colonial subjectivity. Epistemic decolonization is important not only because it unmasks the racism hidden in the universalistic claims made by Eurocentric epistemologies, along with the distortion it causes, but also because it brings to the fore other knowledges and ways of knowing hitherto made invisible. Dussel identifies the Latino-Germanic Christendom as the spine of Eurocentrism. Therefore, the decolonization of Christian theology is central for the task of decolonization.

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