Cuando el pobre crea en el pobre: Decolonial Epistemology in the Ecclesial Base Communities of El Salvador

  • Elizabeth O’Donnell GandolfoEmail author
Part of the New Approaches to Religion and Power book series (NARP)


This chapter offers an analysis of the comunidades eclesiales de base (CEBs) of El Salvador as sites of decolonial epistemology and praxis. In the CEBs of El Salvador, the poor have been engaged in the evolving and ongoing process of “believing in the poor”—in themselves and their communities—for the past 50 years. The author argues that this has been a process of decolonial recovery of human dignity and capacity for critical thought, as well as a discovery of the Christian vocation to engage in decolonial praxis for the transformation of an unjust world. This process has been facilitated by a pastoral method and praxis of prophetic memory, in which the CEBs are the primary producers of knowledge and subjects of history.

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