Architecture of the Image: Photography Acting in Urban Landscapes

  • Michele NastasiEmail author


Spectacular urban development is closely linked to the photographic images of the designs that circulate globally. A wide array of pictures get used in all the different phases of the projects and widespread at all levels of public. This chapter brings representation and the media to the core of the debate on contemporary cities. It shows that photographic images have an active role in determining iconic and spectacular transformations—an “agency” that takes place, thanks to the multiplicity of professional figures that erode and complement one of the architects. The chapter addresses the theme of the spectacular through examples and analysis of photographic images of three different kinds: photorealistic renderings, professional architectural photographs and “spontaneous” photographs taken by amateurs and uploaded on social media, showing how different types of images are intertwined and functional to the construction of a real and virtual imagery of architectural icons and star architects.


Photography Rendering Spectacular architecture Social media Architectural media Visual studies 


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