Newton’s Approach to General Algebraic Equations over Clifford Algebras

  • Drahoslava JanovskáEmail author
  • Gerhard Opfer
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There is a short section describing how Newton’s method works for algebraic problems over Clifford algebras. There are two applications. Zeros of unilateral polynomials over a Clifford algebra in \(\mathbb {R}^8\) and solutions of a Riccati equation over all eight Clifford algebras in \(\mathbb {R}^4\).


Clifford algebras Newton’s method Algebraic equations over Clifford algebras Riccati equation 

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

Primary 15A66; Secondary 12E10 1604 


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  1. 1.University of Chemistry and TechnologyPrague 6Czech Republic
  2. 2.University of HamburgFaculty on Mathematics, Informatics, and Natural Sciences [MIN]HamburgGermany

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