Challenges and Barriers of Performance Measurement Systems: Lessons from Different Initiatives Within One Single Organization

  • Patricia Renata Carvalho de MendonçaEmail author
  • Marcelo Maciel Monteiro
  • Luiz Felipe Scavarda
  • Joana Rocha
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Many organizations are unable to implement successfully performance measurement systems. There is still a lack in the literature of a better understanding of the challenges and barriers faced by these organizations and what needs to be done to overcome them. This paper develops an empirical study to enhance this understanding.


Performance measurement system Performance measurement Success factors 


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  • Marcelo Maciel Monteiro
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  • Luiz Felipe Scavarda
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  • Joana Rocha
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  2. 2.Production Engineering DepartmentFluminense Federal UniversityNiterói, Rio de JaneiroBrazil

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