Current Trends in Collaborative Filtering Recommendation Systems

  • Sana Abida Amin
  • James Philips
  • Nasseh TabriziEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11517)


Many different approaches for designing recommendation systems exist, including collaborative filtering, content-based, and hybrid approaches. Following an overview of different collaborative filtering recommendation system design methodologies, this paper reviews 71 journals articles and conference papers to provide a detailed literature review of model-based collaborative filtering. The articles selected for this review were published within the last decade between 2008–2018. They are classified by database, application field, methodology, and publication year. Papers using Clustering, Bayesian, Association Rule, Neural Networks, Regression, and Ensemble methodologies are surveyed. Application areas include books, music, movies, social networks, and business. This survey also analyzes the type of the data that was used for application field. This literature review identifies trends for model-based collaborative filtering and through empirical results gives insight into future research trajectories in this field.


Collaborative filtering Recommendation system Methodologies Applications 


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