A Striking Analogy: Journey Thinking, Connectivity and Wine, Spirits and Special Pairings

  • Christal Lalla
Part of the Future of Business and Finance book series (FBF)


In her article, Christal Lalla shows that it is possible and beneficial to create an approach to the (global) management of dynamic organizations in a VUCA world with the three fundamental pillars described by a new framing and interpretation in the context of wine and food pairing or gin mixing, allowing a new, out-of-the-box, deep understanding in a business context. One key outcome is about the importance of an experimental mindset to find special, unexpected new fits and potential connections in complex and partly controversial or contradictory environments. Especially the journey to achieve results is as exciting as are the linked exercises to develop teams and leadership skills in this context.

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  • Christal Lalla
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