Locker Security System Using Matlab

  • L. R. Karl MarxEmail author
  • R. Pradheep Kumar
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 80)


The project proposed an effective monitoring and controlling system for security locker rooms, homes, bank lockers, jewellery outlets etc., which is completely autonomous. The security system is designed to detect the illegal entrance in the locker room area that commonly happens in the case of robberies. The major concern with the current manually supervised security system is that if the robbery occurs then the banks are not able to identify the robber due to lack of proof. The system will focus on the safety of locker rooms in an effective way by detecting and controlling unauthorized motion. The proposed system will save the images that can be used for further investigation. The proposed security system will detect the motion through PIR sensor and provide security by three different preventing actions as taking photos, alarm signal, spraying chloroform and can send the taken photo, warning e-mail to the owner using MATLAB IOT.


Security system IOT Embedded system 


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