Series-Parallel Circuit Topologies of Matched Single-Coil Pickups

  • Donald L. Baker


This chapter constructs all-humbucking circuits by replacing single-unmatched coil pickups in series-parallel circuit topologies with series and parallel humbucking pairs of matched single-coil pickups. The chapter uses Maple V symbolic math package to solve circuit equations and shows that pickup circuits with passive loads and circuits with no loads have different tonal characters and numbers and basic topologies of (4), (6), (8), and up have multiple humbucking configurations based upon equal numbers of 0s and 1s in binary numbers of 4, 6, and 8 digits, and up. It compiles the numbers of possible circuits with potentially unique tones for K number of pickups in pairs, quads, and hextets, with estimates for octets.


Single-coil Humbucker Series-parallel Circuit Topology Matched coils Potentially unique tones Pairs Quads Hextets Octets Loaded tones No-load tones Circuit equation Basic topology Lumped impedance Relative amplitude or intensity Terminal reversal 


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