Series-Parallel Circuit Topologies of Single Sensors

  • Donald L. Baker


This chapter begins with some prior art on single-coil guitar pickups and switching systems. It discusses why two patents failed in the marketplace. It also presents a glossary of terms necessary for discussing pickup circuit topologies. The chapter presents basic topologies and phase relations. It shows how to systematically construct series-parallel circuit topologies from 1 to 5 members, expandable to many more. It shows how basic topologies and combinatorial math are used to construct the maximum number of circuits by moving pickups from place to place in a circuit. It combines topologies, phases, and combinations to construct the maximum number of pickup circuits from a given number of sensors or single-coil pickups, as well as the maximum number of circuits which can be obtained from a given number of sensors, and all those circuits using less than that number. Results were collected for 1–10 pickups or sensors, using circuits of 1–6 pickups each, i.e., 6 circuits for 2 sensors, 47 circuits for 3 sensor, 620 circuits for 4 sensors, 10,197 for 5 sensors, and 286,866 circuits for 6 sensors. Much of the development presented here comes from U.S. Patent Application 15/616,396, Baker (2017a).


Single-coil pickups Fender Wnorowski Glossary of necessary terms Circuit topology Basic topology Circuit category Parallel connection Phase Series connection Signs&pairs Subcategory Versions Ones complement binary arithmetic Combinatorial math Complex topologies Moving sensors in circuits Reversing sensors in circuits Magnetic poles Duplicate circuits Null outputs 



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