Mitral Regurgitation

  • Madalina Garbi
  • Julien Magne
  • Francesco Maisano
  • Martin Swaans
  • Raluca Dulgheru
  • Patrizio LancellottiEmail author


Mitral regurgitation is the heart valve disease with the highest prevalence and the second most frequently needing intervention. Primary mitral regurgitation is caused by abnormalities of the mitral valve components, whilst secondary mitral regurgitation is caused by abnormalities of the juxtaposed cardiac chambers, the left ventricle and/or the left atrium. Assessment, prognosis and management of mitral regurgitation depend on the primary or secondary nature of the disease. This chapter describes mitral regurgitation pathogenesis, epidemiology, aetiology, physiopathology, clinical presentation, physical examination, diagnosis and treatment.


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