Freedom of Contract in Respect of Price Terms in Russian Law: With a Special Focus on Price Terms in Standard Form Contracts

  • Artyom G. KarapetovEmail author
  • Andrey M. Shirvindt
Part of the Ius Comparatum - Global Studies in Comparative Law book series (GSCL, volume 36)


Control of price-related terms in either standard form contracts or B2C contracts has hardly become topical in Russia. This is true for legislature and judiciary as well as for academia.

Apart from price regulation for carriage by rail, energy supply, public utility services, compulsory automobile liability insurance, etc. as well as a general prohibition against setting different prices for different customers of the same category in contracts having particular social significance (‘public contracts’), regulatory interventions providing for such control are rare, and they do not seem to be based on a clear and coherent general model or idea.

The courts remain reluctant so far to police price-related terms even though the Russian law provides for an array of tools that might be used for this purpose.

The only domain in which control of price-related terms has gained careful attention from the legislature and judiciary is consumer credit.


Constitutional Court

The Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation

Consumer Rights Agency

The Federal Agency for Control in the Sphere of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare

Higher Commercial Court

The Higher Commercial (‘Arbitrazh’) Court of the Russian Federation (abolished with effect from August 6, 2014)

Information Letter N146

The Information Letter of the Presidium of the Higher Commercial Court of the Russian Federation of September 13, 2011 N146

Plenum Resolution N16

The Resolution of the Plenum of the Higher Commercial Court Plenum ‘On Freedom of Contract and Its Limits’ of March 14, 2014 N16

Russian Civil Code

The Civil Code of the Russian Federation (Part I came into force on January 1, 1995)

Russian Consumer Credit Act

The Federal Law ‘On Consumer Credit (Loans)’ of December 21, 2013 N353-ФЗ

Russian Consumer Rights Protection Act

The Law of the Russian Federation ‘On Consumer Rights Protection’ of February 7, 1992 N2300-1

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation


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