Glenohumeral Arthritis in Athletes

  • Peter A. D’AlessandroEmail author
  • Andrew L. Wallace


Chondral damage leading to arthritis in the glenohumeral joint is an uncommon but potentially career ending condition in both the professional and recreational athlete. Secondary arthritis related to previous instability is most common in this group of patients. Appropriate assessment of subtle signs and symptoms is the key to effective diagnosis and treatment of the condition, whilst adequate education and management of expectations is an important role of the treating team. Management options are determined by the stage of the disease, level of symptoms and are grouped relative to the impact on the athlete’s career. Career-maintaining, career-salvage and career-ending treatment options are presented, with their respective indications, evidence base and outcome.


Glenohumeral arthritis Chondral damage Athlete Arthroscopy Non-arthroplasty Career 


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