New Advances in Intelligent Intersection Management with Connected and Automated Vehicle Technology

  • Mehdi ZamanipourEmail author
  • Yiheng Feng
  • Govind Vadakpat
Conference paper
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Considerable research studies coupled with several deployment projects have been conducted recently to investigate potential effects of different cooperative automation technologies in controlling signalized junctions. The focus has been on how vehicles and infrastructure can cooperate toward safer and more efficient intersection operations. In this chapter, a brief review of some ongoing research projects as well as real world implementations that were presented during the Automated Vehicles Symposium (AVS) 2018 are discussed. The review includes the specifications of the projects and the challenges in implementation of the new technology. Three of the near future possible deployments are presented as well.


Connected and automated vehicle (CAV) Intersection control management Traffic signal control 


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  • Yiheng Feng
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  • Govind Vadakpat
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  1. 1.National Research CouncilFederal Highway AdministrationMcLeanUSA
  2. 2.Transportation Research InstituteUniversity of MichiganAnn ArborUSA
  3. 3.Federal Highway AdministrationMcLeanUSA

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