Distal Humerus: Unicondylar Fractures

  • Daniel Williams
  • Dafydd S. Edwards
  • Pramod AchanEmail author


Unicondylar fractures of the distal humerus in adults are uncommon. Surgical fixation is indicated in almost all cases. Preoperative planning should include two orthogonal radiographs and a CT scan to plan the surgical approach and implant choice and assess articular extension. It is advocated that surgery should occur within 2 weeks of injury. Surgery allows for anatomical reduction and internal fixation and the commencement of early range of motion exercises. Commonly reported complications are stiffness, prominent implants, nerve damage and heterotopic ossification. Patients should consent and be counselled for a loss of range of motion, in particular terminal extension.


Elbow Distal humerus fracture Unicondylar fracture Lateral decubitus position Lateral plating Outcomes 


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