Operative Treatment of Tendinopathies of Achilles Tendon

  • Sakari OravaEmail author
  • Lasse Lempainen
  • Janne Sarimo


Achilles tendon tendinopathies form a special group of disorders, which usually affect athletes or physically active individuals as overuse injuries from hard training and performances in sports. There are congenital reasons leading to Achilles complaints, and sometimes overuse injuries occur to normal people, too. Tendinopathies can be divided to non-insertional or mid-tendon problems and insertional, retro calcaneal problems. Inside these main groups there are different clinical entities, which can be differentiated with radiological examination or by histological specimens. In chronic cases, when active sports is difficult, painful, or not possible at all, surgical treatment is needed. Several surgical techniques are available. In this review, surgical methods used in different tendinopathies are presented.


Achilles tendon Tendinopathies Differential diagnosis Surgery 


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