Key Success Factors Analysis of Integration of O2O into 7-Eleven Convenient Store

  • Chung-Chi Kao
  • Che-Hung LiuEmail author
  • Yang-Ming Lu
  • Chia-Fen Hsieh
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As information technology becomes more varied, the era of the Internet has come. The connection among the retailing industry, the Internet and online/offline integration is centered surrounded the consumers. The pattern of Internet management across all channel integration called consumer behavior. The dependence of full-path retailing on the use of Wi-Fi has become heavier and heavier as days go by, with the consumers being the core and connecting the management pattern of the Internet. It integrates critical factors in a cross-channel fashion. It develops Apps for 7–11 convenience stores and can solve future online Internet and offline store integration and create the best management values. This study combine the views that the literature in Taiwan on real/virtual integration, supported by the results of the questionnaires devised by AHP experts. It can test the crucial factors involved in the success of real/virtual integration.

Twelve crucial factors responsible for the real/virtual integration of cloud stores were found and listed based on previous literature. After eighteen 7–11 middle management, the order of priority were calculated according to AHP analysis as follows:
  • The weighted average of the development of APP is 26.1%, ranking first.

  • The weighted average of full-path retailing pattern is 12.7%, ranking second.

  • The weighted average of automatic cashier is 8.1%, ranking third.

  • The weighted average of finance technology is 7.7%, ranking fourth.

It is hoped that via this study retailing 4.0 and big data online-offline integration ideas or practice; driving APP development transformation and the connection between the internal convenience store with seamless virtual market and offline equipment real store. It provides experience in full-path purchase.


7-Eleven O2O Retailing industry Key success factors Analytic hierarchy process analysis 


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  • Che-Hung Liu
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  • Yang-Ming Lu
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  • Chia-Fen Hsieh
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  1. 1.Taiwan Uni-President CompanyTainanTaiwan
  2. 2.Department of Business and ManagementNational University of TainanTainanTaiwan
  3. 3.Department of Electrical EngineeringNational University of TainanTainanTaiwan

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