Monitoring and Management of Water in the Siret River Basin (Romania)

  • Larisa Elena PavelucEmail author
  • Gianina Maria Cojoc
  • Alina Tirnovan
Part of the Springer Water book series (SPWA)


The Siret hydrographical basin is the largest in the area and holds the highest multiannual average flow rate in Romania (220 m3/s). The upper basin covers the territory of Ukraine, and it represents 17% of the total volume of water resources. It is also the most inhabited river basin where density is the highest in eastern Romania. The most important hydrographic arteries spring from the Oriental Carpathians. The Moldavian Plateau receives only one important river: Barlad, which has relatively low flow. It has high hydropower potential and important hydro-technical facilities on the Bistrita River. The study approaches the quantitative monitoring of water bodies within the Siret Water Basin Administration and the qualitative monitoring of 353 water bodies (343 bodies of water—natural rivers and 10 water bodies—lakes). There are analyzed all categories of resources: surface (rivers, lakes); groundwater (underground water, deep water). The study approaches the methodology of water resources management, and also the purpose of performing different types of measurements (both quantitative and qualitative) and measures to be taken in order to avoid the negative effects that can result from the exploitation of these resources are presented in detail.


Hydrological stations Groundwater Lakes Romania Water quality 



The authors would like to express their gratitude to the employees of the Romanian Waters Agency Bucharest, Siret Water Direction Bacau, particularly to Dr. Petre Olariu, hydrologist at this research and administration agency, who kindly provided a significant part of the data used in the present study.


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  2. 2.Siret Water Basin Administration, BacauBacauRomania

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