Poisonous Plants

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This chapter deals with the toxic effects of some of the common poisonous plants containing various toxic principles such as alkaloids, cyanogenic glycosides, nitrate- and nitrite-accumulating plants, strychnine poisoning, and various mushroom toxins in animals. Problems can also occur with animals in ornamental gardens, natural environments, and homes. Poisoning in humans and companion animals from toxic plants also continues to be a significant risk, especially to pets and children. Plant poisoning in small animals is usually accidental. Lack of understanding and increased grazing pressure on these small acreages often contribute to the consumption of toxic plants by animals. It is recommended (1) not to throw grass, shrub, or tree clippings into paddocks where animals reside (yew clippings are a common cause of poisoning in many animals); (2) provide free access to freshwater and minerals/salt and do not overstock the range or pastures; (3) avoid bedding, lambing/calving, watering, salting, or unloading hungry animals near poisonous plant populations; and (4) avoid excess stress to those animals showing clinical signs of poisoning, and if necessary, contact the veterinarian. If economically feasible, control poisonous plants through hand grubbing, mechanical clipping, or herbicide treatment.


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