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This chapter presents the results of the land use and land cover (LULC) remote sensing analysis as described in Chap.  4. It describes the estuarine LULC change that occurred in each estuary from the arrival of shrimp aquaculture to 2014. The results are presented at the estuary level for each estuary. Section 5.2 moves beyond LULC change at the estuary level and examines LULC displacement within each estuary. It is dedicated to explaining the displacement type that occurred in each estuary. That is, if mangrove forest was lost, when the loss occurred and precisely what LULC replaced the mangrove forest there. Section 5.3 does the same as Sect. 5.1 but with all results aggregated to the national level. Section 5.4 does the same as Sect. 5.2 but with all results aggregated to the national level. Section 5.5 examines other results suggested by the remote sensing analysis at the sub-estuarine level and Sect. 5.6 summarizes the finding of this chapter. The results demonstrate a massive conversion from mangrove forest to shrimp aquaculture across almost all estuaries and that the preferred location for new shrimp farms was former mangrove forest.


Mangrove loss Mangrove gain Land use change Land cover change Shrimp farm expansion Aquaculture expansion 

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