The Top Twelve Things to Know about Disruptive Technologies and Space Innovation

  • Scott Madry
Part of the Space and Society book series (SPSO)


This chapter will present the top twelve things that everyone should know regarding the radically changing world of disruptive space technologies. First, a quick recap. We have taken a long look what disruptive innovation is, how it works, who benefits, who loses, and what this has to do with space and particularly the NewSpace or Space 2.0 revolution. We have learned a great deal from previous instances that first came from historical examples and then most recently from the now rapidly changing space sector. We have explored the new and emerging technologies that are changing our world and their potential impacts on the ‘other 3 billion’ people with whom we share our spaceship Earth. We have considered the international legal and policy implications, as well as the downsides of disruptive technologies in the 21st century. So what should you take away from all of this?

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