Research on Migration, Borders and Citizenship: The Way Ahead

  • Maurizio AmbrosiniEmail author
  • Manlio Cinalli
  • David Jacobson
Part of the Migration, Diasporas and Citizenship book series (MDC)


This chapter argues in favour of an increasing connection between migration, borders and citizenship. The chapter warns against shortcomings of “methodological nationalism”, which is not useful to grasp various experiences of social life not enclosed within the nation-state. A main point of the chapter is that borders risk reinforcing a divisive context that, at least since World War II, did not present the distance from migrants to citizens, at least to the same extent. This divisive context is similar to the one that predated the moment when social classes recomposed themselves according to a labour-capital cleavage structure. The chapter concludes that “global seams”, in this light, may stand up as the basis of an agenda for relaunching citizenship in its full capacity.


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