The Multicultural Short Story and Intercultural Conversation

  • Ulla Rahbek


Rahbek studies Zadie Smith’s ‘The Embassy of Cambodia’ (2013), Julian Barnes’ ‘East Wind’ (2008), and Olumide Popoola’s ‘Expect Me’ (2016), with brief references to Popoola’s ‘Counting Down’ (2016), Sefi Atta’s ‘A Temporary Position’ (2009), and Sue Gee’s ‘Glimpse’ (2016), with special focus on encounters in the stories and how encounters can lead to conflict or conversation. Taking a point of departure in what Kwame Anthony Appiah calls ‘conversation across difference’ and Bhikhu Parekh terms ‘intercultural dialogue’ and supplementing these ideas with reflections on kindness, friendship, love, hope, and despair, the chapter explores how intercultural dialogues can alleviate problems thrown up in superdiverse Britain through a reading of unexpected encounters and ongoing conversations in multicultural short stories.


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