Computational and Experimental Studies of Deformations of Air-Cooled Diesel Cylinders at Its Assembling

  • I. E. AgureevEmail author
  • K. Yu. Platonov
  • R. N. Khmelev
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


The paper is devoted to the problem of reducing the deformation of the diesel cylinder 1H 9.5/8.0 by the inner diameter at the build stage. The design features of cylinders of single-cylinder diesel engines with air cooling are analyzed. The physical properties of the cylinder material were determined experimentally on a tensile testing machine. On the coordinate measuring machine, using specialized equipment, measurements and accumulated statistical material to change the internal diameter of the diesel cylinders from the action of installation efforts. The regularities of the deformations of the working surfaces of the cylinders of air-cooled diesel engines are obtained. The finite element mathematical model of deformation of cylinder walls from the influence of mounting forces is constructed. Three-dimensional models of the cylinder and its associated parts (cylinder head and crankcase) were used for modeling the operation of tightening studs. Computational experiments on the model were carried out using experimental data on the magnitude of the elastic modulus of the cylinder material. The influence of mechanical properties of the cylinder material and its design parameters on the character of deformations is investigated. The basic directions of the reduction of deformations of the cylinder of the diesel engine with air cooling are formulated. Alternative designs of the cylinder with a lower level of deformations and with a more developed fin belt are developed for better cooling. Recommendations to change the design and manufacturing technology of air-cooled diesel cylinders are given.


Diesel Cylinder Air cooling Deformation Mathematical modeling 


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  • I. E. Agureev
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  • K. Yu. Platonov
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  • R. N. Khmelev
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