Centrifugal Rolling of Flexible Shafts for Achieving Best Possible Roughness of the Surface

  • N. V. VulykhEmail author
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The improvement of the surface plastic deforming technology is pertinent in the machine building technology and constitutes the optimization of deforming processes while forming microgeometry of the surface. Shafts and an axis represent the majority of parts manufactured in machine building plants. Today requirements for processing accuracy, surface finish, fatigue strength, and durability of products are becoming more demanding. When a shaft has a small rigidity, the surface layer plays a more important part in ensuring the stability of the form and size of the shaft. The research presents an effective technology of centrifugal rolling of flexible shafts in comparison with traditional techniques of surface plastic deforming, e.g., ball and roller rolling that allows to strengthen the surface layer of a product with the specified force action. The construction of a centrifugal rolling machine is presented as a deforming instrument. Centrifugal processing regimes are set allowing to roll details made of carbon steel with carbon mass content of ~0.2 to ~0.6% and optimal surface finish according to arithmetic average of the roughness profile (Ra) and mean spacing of profile irregularities (Sm).


Rolling Roughness Surface plastic deforming Surface of a part Flexible shaft 


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