Enriched 40Ca100MoO4 Single Crystalline Material for Search of Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay

  • A. Alenkov
  • O. Buzanov
  • A. Dosovitskii
  • V. Kazalov
  • V. KornoukhovEmail author
  • A. Mikhlin
Conference paper
Part of the Springer Proceedings in Physics book series (SPPHY, volume 227)


The search for neutrinoless double beta (0ν2β) decay is one of a key issue in modern experimental physics. A number of such experiments are currently under preparation, among them the AMORE (Advanced Mo-based Rare Process Experiment) experiment, the purpose of which is to search for the 0ν2β decay of the 100Mo isotope using scintillation isotope-enriched calcium molybdate 40Ca100MoO4 crystals as a source, and the detector as well. In the material of the crystal, molybdenum and calcium of natural isotopic composition are replaced by isotopically enriched 100Mo and 40Ca, respectively. The requirements to the quality of 40Ca100MoO4 crystals (high light output and its homogeneity in volume, high transparency for scintillation light, and ultra-low content of radioactive impurities in the crystal material) are extremely stringent. JSC “Fomos-Materials” (Moscow) for the first time developed the technology of growing of scintillation isotope-enriched 40Ca100MoO4 crystals, which makes it possible to manufacture scintillation elements with dimensions of Ø40–55 mm and length up to 50 mm, with their subsequent annealing and machining, which completely satisfies the requirements of the experiment.



We thank the members of the AMoRE Collaboration. This study was supported at its different stages by Federal Science and Innovations Agency of Russian Federation (Federal Aiming Program, contracts 02.513.11.3398 and contract 16.523.11.3013). One of author (VK) was also supported in the framework of the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute Academic Excellence Project (contract 02.a03.21.0005, August 27, 2013).


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  • O. Buzanov
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  • V. Kazalov
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  • V. Kornoukhov
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  4. 4.NRNU MEPhIMoscowRussia

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