Application Scintillation Comparators for Calibration Low Intense Gamma Radiation Fields by Dose Rate in the Range of 0.03–0.1 µSv/h

  • R. LukashevichEmail author
  • Y. Verhusha
  • V. Guzov
  • V. Kozemyakin
Conference paper
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Presented the main investigation results of the comparator sensitivity to various components of background radiation and approval of near-background calibration method. Quoted the calibration results of comparator in a certified near-background laboratory. Presented the feasibility of application of this comparator for dose rate calibration of gamma radiation field in the range of 0.03–0.1 µSv/h. Examined the dose rate calibration method of scintillation comparator in near-background field of photon radiation field for the radiation control purposes according to the recommendations of the international standards and technical requirements for ARSMS around the nuclear power station. Presented the main results of investigations of the detector sensitivity to the various components of photon radiation and comparator calibration method approval on reservoir, near-background chamber and in near-background laboratory in the salt mine in Romania. On the base of these results proved the use of the comparator for test of lower range value of dose range measuring, dose parameters and calibration of high sensitive dosimetry measuring units in the near-background fields in the photon radiation fields in the conditions of the minimum influence of the natural radiation background with the use of near-background shield.


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  • R. Lukashevich
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    Email author
  • Y. Verhusha
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  • V. Guzov
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  • V. Kozemyakin
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  1. 1.ATOMTEX Scientific and Production Unitary EnterpriseMinskBelarus

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