Free Carrier Dynamics in Scintillation Materials

  • Mikhail Korzhik
  • Gintautas Tamulaitis
  • Andrey N. Vasil’ev
Part of the Particle Acceleration and Detection book series (PARTICLE)


This chapter presents a review of the current results on the carrier dynamics in activated and self-activated scintillators, which are obtained by using time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy and differential optical absorption techniques with time resolution in picosecond and subpicosecond domains. The optical techniques ensuring a high time resolution are introduced. The formation of the luminescence response to a short-pulse excitation is in a special focus. The importance of carrier trapping, peculiarities of the trapping in mixed garnet- and orthosilicate-type scintillators, and the influence of codoping on excitation transfer are discussed in more detail.


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