ESA and Capacity Building for the XXI Century—The Catalogue of ESA Activities Supporting the UN SDGs

  • Isabelle Duvaux-BéchonEmail author
Part of the Studies in Space Policy book series (STUDSPACE, volume 22)


One of the roles of ESA is to increase support to its Member States and help them to achieve their goals and more widely the societal challenges faced by all in the world. This role was reinforced in December 2016 at a Council at Ministerial level. A specific emphasis was placed on sustainability goals and societal benefits. Capacity building for the XXI century is the prerequisite for growth in general and for achieving those goals. There are many ways to propose capacity building. It covers inter alia training and education (at all levels including tertiary and continuous education), access to data and technologies, creativity and innovation. The concept of a catalogue describing activities supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and supporting capacity building via the use of space is explained, together with the steps leading to the first online version, as well as some elements for the next steps to be pursued.



This catalogue could not have been prepared without the support and data inputs from all the ESA projects and activities and we are grateful for that. It was really a corporate initiative. Special thanks to Micky Elanga Yangongo who was in charge of the “physical” development of the catalogue and Matija Rencelj who took over.

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