Concurrent Topological Optimization of a Multi-component Arm for a Tube Bending Machine

  • Federico BalloEmail author
  • Massimiliano Gobbi
  • Giorgio Previati
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 991)


In this paper the problem of the concurrent topological optimization of two different bodies sharing a region of the design space is dealt with. This design problem focuses on the simultaneous optimization of two bodies (components) where not only the material distribution of each body has to be optimized but also the design space has to be divided among the two bodies. This novel optimization formulation represents a design problem in which more than one component has to be located inside a limited allowable room. Each component has its function and load carrying requirements.

The paper presents a novel development in the solution algorithm. The algorithm has been already presented referring to the concurrent optimization of two bodies where the same mesh is used for both bodies in the shared portion of the domain. In this version of the algorithm, this requirement has been removed and each of the two bodies can be meshed with an arbitrary mesh. This development allows the application of the method to any real geometry. The algorithm is applied to the design of a multi-component arm for a tube bending machine.


Structural optimization Topology optimization Multi-component system optimization SIMP 


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