Magnetostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of the Valanginian in the Crimean Mountains

  • V. A. GrishchenkoEmail author
  • A. G. Manikin
  • Yu. N. Savelieva
  • A. A. Feodorova
Conference paper
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Preliminary results of the study aiming to construct a magnetostratigraphic scheme of the Valanginian of the Crimean Mountains are presented. Paleomagnetic and petromagnetic data were obtained on oriented samples taken from 363 stratigraphic levels of 10 sections in East and Southwest Crimea. Studied Valanginian sediments are generally a rather unfavorable object for paleomagnetic research because of several factors such as landslide deformations, hypergenous rock alteration, presence of condensed series, etc. Despite that, careful analysis of obtained data allows us to evaluate their magnetic polarity and to propose a first draft composite magnetostratigraphic section of the Valanginian for the Crimean Mountains. For the Valanginian sediments of the Southwest Crimea, new data were obtained on the foraminifers and ostracods which control the magnetostratigraphic correlation paleontologically.


Berriasian Valanginian Crimean Mountains Magnetostratigraphy Biostratigraphy Geomagnetic polarity Magnetic chrons Foraminifers Ostracods 



This study has been supported by RFBR (projects 18-35-00134 mol-a and 17-05-00716 a). Authors convey thanks to A. Yu. Guzhikov (Saratov State University) for the help in paleomagnetic data interpretation; to L. A. Kartseva (BIN RAS), to E. S. Platonov (Geologorazvedka) for taking photos of foraminifers and ostracods; to E. S. Ochkasova (Geologorazvedka) for the preparation of microfaunistic samples and technical help. We are very grateful to R. V. Veselovskiy and O. S. Dzyuba for reviewing our article.


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