Distortion of Local Magnetovariational Anomalies by Effect of Regional Structures

  • E. ErmolinEmail author
  • O. Ingerov
Conference paper
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In this paper the authors consider the influence of the host medium on the morphology of the magnetovariational (MVP) anomaly from a local object with a relative conductivity of the section 10,000 Sm·m and 500 m depth. Conclusions are based on mathematical modeling. The results have shown that the covered rocks are the main cause of a local anomaly distortion. Resistivity changing of bottom layers have a weak effect on local anomaly disturbing. The anomaly of a local object can be isolated as a result of subtracting a regional component from the Wiese matrix of the original field. The express interpretation of MVP data and inversion codes can be applied for the described anomaly.


Magnetovariational method (MVP) Induction vector Tipper 


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  1. 1.GM ServiceSaint-PetersburgRussia
  2. 2.Phoenix-GeophysicsTorontoCanada

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