Overdiagnosing, Overtreating, and Overmedicalizing Behavior and Feelings

  • Arthur J. Dyck
Part of the Library of Public Policy and Public Administration book series (LPPP, volume 13)


This chapter continues to pursue and document unjustifiable medical practices that need to be curbed as much as possible so as to eliminate this source of unsustainable costs. In this case, the source is the enormous diagnostic inflation of mental disorders. Diagnostic inflation treats normal behavior and feelings as mental disorders and thus medicalizes them. This comes about in two ways: failing to abide by the criteria for mental illness, often fueled by deceptive drug ads, and failing in the process of diagnosing by psychiatrists and other medical practitioners: for example, diagnosing on the basis of one visit and not taking the time to learn if a troubled individual is having normal feelings or behaving normally.

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