Overdiagnosing, Overtesting, and Overmedicalizing Physical Conditions

  • Arthur J. Dyck
Part of the Library of Public Policy and Public Administration book series (LPPP, volume 13)


This chapter documents two major contributors to the path of unsustainability within the U.S. healthcare system. First, is the sheer ever-higher-rising costs of medical services, and the relativity poor outcomes as compared with the world’s other nations, all of whom spend considerably less. This is unsustainable. Second, the high costs that unethically contribute to unsustainability are: over diagnosis and the treatments that go with it (one who is over diagnosed can only be harmed, not benefited), and phenomena supporting over diagnosis are grounded in false notions of how to prevent diseases and conflicts of interest motivating medical experts and the FDA to keep adding to the numbers of individuals who allegedly qualify for being over diagnosed, and so over tested and over medicated

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