Endoscopic Management of Weight Regain

  • Eric J. Vargas
  • Andrew C. Storm
  • Fateh Bazerbachi
  • Barham K. Abu DayyehEmail author


Bariatric and metabolic surgery remains the most effective long-term treatment option for obesity and its associated comorbidities. However, following bariatric surgery, a significant proportion of patients experience weight recidivism or fail to achieve significant weight loss. The etiology behind these weight trajectories can be multifactorial, and a variety of endoscopic treatment approaches are available that form part of a comprehensive treatment approach for these patients. With the increasing number of bariatric surgeries being performed, endoscopists should become familiar with available techniques and consider adding them to their endoscopic skill set. This chapter will review the endoscopic treatments for weight regain, with a focus on endoscopic transoral outlet reduction (TORe) using full-thickness suturing in the post Roux-en-Y bypass surgery population.


Therapeutic endoscopy Bariatric surgery Weight loss Suture and obesity 


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