Conclusion: From Politics of Survival to Politics of Subversion

  • Kochurani Abraham
Part of the New Approaches to Religion and Power book series (NARP)


Women engage in patriarchal negotiations in view of creating a space for their personal well-being. However, these negotiations tend to remain as a ‘politics of survival’, which do not address the structural inequalities of the established order. Since patriarchy is deeply entrenched in the Indian society, it demands a shift from the politics of survival to a ‘politics of subversion’ as a means of challenging its persistent character. Politics of subversion entails a process by which women gain control over their lives. It calls for a rights-based approach on the part of women, involving resistance as a means of contesting and overturning hegemonic structures and reclamation of what has been denied them over the ages. A critical consciousness is imperative in this task of subverting patriarchy, and feminist sensibilities can enable this in women.

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