Conceptualization of Differences Between Entrepreneurs and Non-entrepreneurs of Undergraduate Emirati Students

  • Rasha Abou SamraEmail author
  • Amal Al Ali
  • Shaikha Al Naqbi
Conference paper
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Innovation is the transformation of the creative idea into real life project. This research is comparing between the perception of entrepreneurship between the creators of ideas who are still in the process of thinking and those who were able to transfer their ideas to real life projects. Before becoming an entrepreneur and during the first year of entrepreneurship are two critical stages that need further studies. This research is a focus group research which focuses on two groups; the first group is a group of undergraduate students who had creative ideas and worked on transferring those ideas into prototypes and tested those prototypes and the second group is a group of students who took further step to the real life market where they were able to open their business and start gaining returns on their investments. The conclusion of the study shows qualitative differences and the rationalization behind each one.


Entrepreneurship Innovation Business sciences Motivation Experience Resource capability 


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  • Amal Al Ali
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  • Shaikha Al Naqbi
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  2. 2.Faculty in Business DepartmentUniversity of SharjahSharjahUAE
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