Coating and Burnability of Clinker

  • Prasunjit Sengupta


Coating plays a very important role on the refractory life in burning zone, of the rotary kiln, where the condition is most arduous. The mechanism of coating formation and the stability of coating largely determine the refractory life. The factors those help formation of a good coating and influence the stability of coating formed, are discussed in detail. The role of liquid phase on coating formation is discussed. The test to simulate the coating formation on refractory, in laboratory, is discussed in detail. A schematic diagram shows the relation between Alumina ratio, Silica modulus and the kiln coating behavior. A chart is given to show the relation between the free lime in clinker and burnability behavior of the coating.


Coatability Burnability Coating destabilization Coating collapse Free lime Silica modulus Alumina ratio 


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  • Prasunjit Sengupta
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