Cement Manufacturing and Process Control

  • Prasunjit Sengupta


Manufacturing process of Portland cement clinker is discussed, which is relevant to a Refractory technologist engaged in manufacturing or development of refractories for cement industry. The input material used in the manufacturing process and the physico - chemical changes take place in the kiln, are discussed. Different plant designs are shown with their bearing on the refractory performance. The physical parameters that are used to monitor the kiln operation and the control parameters, those indicate the smoothness of kiln operation, are discussed. The chemical parameters and the different modulus are discussed. The method of preheating and shutdown of the kiln are addressed.


Dry process Suspension preheater In-line calciner Separate line calciner Burning zone temperature Back-end temperature Oxygen control Kiln speed Chemical parameters Kiln heat up Kiln shutdown 


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  • Prasunjit Sengupta
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  1. 1.Technical Director of M/S SKG Refractories Ltd.NagpurIndia

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