Classification and Features of Different Types of Refractories

  • Prasunjit Sengupta


This chapter addressed the different ways to classify Refractories. The simplest way of classification is by its chemistry like oxides, carbides, nitrides, etc. The classification can be based on the position of the metal in the periodic table, whose oxide is under consideration as refractory material. The Refractories can be classified depending whether it is in shaped form or as powder (unshaped). The shaped refractories can be further classified based on its process of giving shapes. The unshaped Refractories can be classified depending upon its installation procedures. The castable refractories can be further classified depending on the content of high alumina cement as binder in it. Refractories can be classified also by its thermal conductivity.


Castable Ramming mass Plastics Shotcreting Gunning Shaped refractories Unshaped refractories Insulating refractories 

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